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Baking Tray for 60cm Oven

Baking Tray for 60cm Oven

A full-width, enamelled baking tray, designed to give you the widest possible baking surface.
Suitable brands:
Electrolux, Westinghouse
Out of Stock (available on 12/12/2022)
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Baking Tray for 60cm Oven (ABT600)


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Accessory Other Features
Dishwasher cleanable, Non-stick surface, Easy grip
Total width (mm)
Total depth (mm)
Compatible Models
EOEM61CS, EVE611SA, EVE613SA, EVE614BA, EVE616BA, EVE623SA, EVE626BA, EVE633SA, EVE636BA, GGR475SLP, GGR475SNG, ... GGR475WLP, GGR475WNG, GOR474SLP, GOR474SNG, GOR474WLP, GOR474WNG, GOR476SLP, GOR476SNG, GOR476WLP, GOR476WNG, GXR650SLP, GXR650SNG, GXR650WLP, GXR650WNG, PDR790S, PDR790W, PDR794S, PDR794W, PGR657S, PGR657W, PGR659S, PGR659W, POH967S, POR663S, POR663W, POR667S, POR667SH, POR667W, POR667WH, POR668S, POR668W, POR783S, POR883S, PORS663S-L, PORS663S-R, PPR776S, PPR776W, PXR688S, PXR688W, PXR698S, PXR698W, WVE607S, WVG613SLP, WVG613SNG, WVG613WLP, WVG613WNG, WVG615SLP, WVG615SNG
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Compatible PNCs
944031644, 944031645, 94403164509, 944031646, 94403164609, 94403164617, 94403164619, 944031647, 94403164709, 944031648, ... 94403164809, 94403172309, 94403172412, 94403172417, 94403172419, 94403172420, 94403172509, 94403172517, 94403172519
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How do I find my product number (PNC) or model number?


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