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Spring Clean Your Home and Vacuum Cleaner

Spring clean your home and get the most out of your vacuum. Cleaning and replacing your vacuum filters are much more important then you believe.

Your filters get clogged with bacteria, dust, smoke, mold and other particles. These can all affect the air quality in your home as well as the performance of your vacuum’s cleaning abilities, if the filter is clogged you will find the suction and general performance of your vacuum will be minimized.

For optimum performance of your cleaner it is recommended to change your filters regularly.
See below for more information on how to select and replace or clean your vacuum filter.

Find the right filter for your vacuum

Our genuine HEPA filters

Our HEPA filters are designed specifically for our range of vacuums. They capture 99.99% of dust particles including pollen, which is ideal to relieve symptoms of asthma and allergy sufferers; especially during the months of spring. The combination of the HEPA filter enhances the dust extraction and the completely sealed filtration system prevents any dust leaks from your vacuum. Whilst it is important to clean your filters, it is equally important that you replace your filters each year. We recommend that you clean your fine dust filters every 3-6 months (depending on the use) and clean or replace your HEPA every 12 months (depending on use).


Ways to know when your filter should be changed or cleaned?

- When using your vacuum, if a strong or musty smell is present.
- If your filter looks damaged, bent or cracked.
- If your vacuum suction doesn’t seem to be as strong your filters may be full.
- Your vacuum performance overall is low.
- Unusual or strange noises while in use.

How to know the right filter to use?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are different types of filters. Many vacuums use multiple filters, be sure to choose the correct filter for your vacuum by using the filter guide below. Alternatively, you can look at your user manual or call our Customer Care Centre for help and support on 13 13 49.